Tax Deed Mobile Alabama

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Hello Everyone I'm new to Bigger Pockets and have a few questions. My grandparents didn't have a will when they passed away and the property taxes weren't paid so I paid them and now have a tax deed. what is the next step to take in order to own the property? Quiet title?

You bought it at the tax sale? You don't get a tax deed just from paying the taxes. Are there other heirs? If so, then Alabama law says you are all tenants in common and your purchase was really on behalf of everybody, but they owe you contribution. They have to pay their fair share. If there were no other heirs, you can quiet title three years after the tax deed if you've maintained continuous possession during that time. Possession does not have to be living on the property, but only that possession of which the property is reasonably capable. It might just mean going out there often to check on it, or renting it to someone else, or working on it periodically.