Good online LLC set up service (Rocket Lawyer, IncFile, etc.)?

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Hello BP community. I'm in escrow on a multifamily deal with a couple months to go on the due diligence/closing period. I need to get an LLC set up in preparation for closing. Can anyone recommend an online service for setting up an LLC that you've used and liked? Rocket Lawyer and IncFile seem to have decent reviews and prices but any recommendations would be most appreciated.

Do you already have a good Operating Agreement that you plan to use? If not, I would get a lawyer who understands what you want to accomplish with the LLC and can ensure that it does that. If you do have one, I would just go to the state's website and if that isn't an option then the cheapest site should be fine. It's the operating agreement that you pay for. Everything else is pretty straight forward.

@Christina L.

If you are planning to form a single-member LLC, you should be okay with using any of the services discussed above. I recall seeing a website that allowed you to create a single-member LLC that's tailored to holding real estate. I unfortunately cannot remember what the name of the website was. I also don't know if they offer that service in the state you wish to incorporate in.

In some states, lawyers and law firms own and handle the title insurance work for the property. If you are in that situation, you might be able to get the lawyer or the law firm there to help you form an LLC at a discount.

If you are going to have partners or other owners in the LLC, I would use an attorney. Too many issues to deal with there to not use one.

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