Looking for a book keeper

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Hey Gang,

My book keeper just retired and the person she referred me to is not very well versed in REI. So, I'm looking for someone new. I currently use QB online and book all of the bank transactions 2-3 times per week. I'm looking for someone to enter Buy Side and Sell Side HUDS for the properties I flip as well as make entries every month for the 14 owner financed properties I have.

I like having someone local to the Dallas, Fort Worth area, but I'm not completely opposed to talking with virtual book keepers as well.


Hi @Dan Shoemaker

I see you are in Keller.  And that is where I live too and found AE Possibilities.  I have used AE Possibilities in the past, but just switched from QBs to Rentec Direct so I don't use Aimee and the girls anymore.  But they are great people and know QBs very well and I am sure they will treat you great.  She is local in Keller and has an office right off 1709.  Contact me direct privately if you want her info, as they won't let me post her number on here.  Or I am sure you can google her as well.  Good Luck!


Ben Fritz