Creating an LLC / Making Investment

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Hello, I am seeking to get clarification on the following. 

My wife and I would like to make an investment (in stock).  For personal/professional reasons, we would prefer the public didn't know what specific stock we are investing in.

Having said that, is it permissible/legal for my wife and I to create an LLC for the sole purpose of keeping our names private?


And on a side note to this question, do you have to be an "accredited investor " in order to invest a "large" amount of money.   I ran into this issue with crowdfunding, being that I am a non-accredited investor, thus, I resorted to the stock fund investment path.

@Adam Houser I can't really answer your question about an LLC. But about your CF question I have some input. Investing a large amount is not a barrier to investing in CF if non-accredited. It is just that most CF is available only to accredited investors, but there are exceptions. I have written extensively in my BP blog on one such company that I have made numerous investments in:

Have I Found the Holy Grail of Passive Real Estate Investing?

Is anyone able to answer this.......

From what I've gathered during my research on the internet, if I buy stock in a public traded stock, no one can find out what I've invested in, so an LLC is not needed?