Need a Real Estate Accountant

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Hello BP,

Please help, I'm looking for a qualified real estate accounting to hire.  My current accountant, a friend of mine who I used for years, seems to know less about the details of real estate loopholes than I do.  I want everyone on my team to be smarter than myself,  therefor it seems it's time for an upgrade. 

I'm small time right now with just 1 SFH rental in each of the following states; Florida, Texas and Ohio. Combination of closing on 2/3 homes this year and looking to get into commercial side I want to make a change sooner than later. I'm looking for a real estate accountant who invest in real estate themselves. Would prefer in South Florida so I can meet them face to face but is not absolutely necessary. Also one who would know how to handle multiple state taxes and law as I invest in multiple states.

Thank you for the help BP,


Hi Nelson, 

Take a look on here. I would recommend finding someone who specializes in REI over someone local. Steven Hamilton, Jake Hottenrott, Myself (obviously some bias here). Reach out to a few different people and see who you click with.


@Nelson Leal As Natalie mentioned, there are several of us CPAs on here who can help you. You definitely want someone who specializes in REI, and has a strong understanding of real estate taxation, and can provide you with tax planning ideas as well.