Converting Duplex to Condo's.. can't find a Real Estate Lawyer?

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I'm currently looking for a Real Estate lawyer who can convert my duplex to Condo, I've had firm in Houston who offered $6800-$8000. 

I've been told I can have it done for $6000 from others. But I'm having  troubles locating any other firm who can do it. If you know of anyone please DM me.

I'm located in Austin, TX, but I'll take anyone even if it's Dallas, Houston, or even San Antonio.

Jason, I'm a real estate lawyer here in Austin, and I regularly handle condo conversions. I do duplex conversion for much less than you are being quoted.  I believe forum rules don't allow me to post my phone number, but you can find me online. 

@David Ivy I appreciate the recommendation, I found someone here in Austin shortly after I left you a note on Friday. 

@Fred Heller  After I divide the property up into 2 separate condo units, I will then sell each side. I bought the duplex for 345K two years ago. I will be able to sell each side for somewhere around 290K-320K a side with the current market comps. Where if I were to sell it as a duplex the current comps are around 450-525K. That's around 100K difference I stand to make. 

2 condo units = 580K-640K. 

duplex = 450K-525K