Quad Cities CPA Recommendations

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My husband and I are looking for recommendations for a good CPA in the Quad Cities Area. Any guidance would be appreciated!

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@Alex Bock Thanks! @Mackenzi Tallcott , I'm a licensed CPA with an accounting firm in Davenport. On top of that I'm a real estate investor and manage property for others. I have an extensive background in real estate taxation from simple schedule E single member LLC properties to REIT tax compliance for a $6 billion REIT in Chicago. I began investing in the quad cities in 2009 and know that I bring a very unique perspective from a tax and accounting perspective when it comes to real estate. I'd be happy to hear about what opportunities you and your husband are working on in the quad cities and what assistance you are looking for. In this area I've worked with what seems like every type of real estate transaction ranging from accounting for real estate agents, investors with flips, buy and holds, wholesaling, commercial, and many more. Send me a message and I'd love to connect to chat further!

Sounds like you're already on top of this, but I'll just add a second recommendation for @Michael Pease .  While I have not had an occasion to utilize his services, I have met him and spoken to him and find him to be very competent and pleasant.

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