How do I find people with IRA money?

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I am a co-founding of a commercial fund, and we thought IRA investors would be interested in our product, but we can't seem to find them. We've done google ads, youtube ads, other social media ads, and we are coming up short.

Hoping to get some direction as to where we can find these investors.  Where should I start looking?

@Spencer Taylor

Have you tried attending investor meetings? In our area there are many different real estate investors group, and there are people looking for investors, and investors looking for new projects. Good luck finding investors!

My thought would be to start small with family and friends. IRA’s are a very sensitive investment—anything related to a retirement nest egg is.

I see it being very difficult to 1. Convince investors to hand over retirement money and 2. Pry that money away from their Financial Advisor that they likely have a relationship with.

I think your best bet is to do it on a smaller scale with people you already have a connection with.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

@Spencer Taylor

Great advice from @Frank Manning people who know you, will trust you, easier than strangers. However it is easy to get IRA money especially if it is in a CD at 0.5%. We have been in a yield starved environment for a long time and people are nervous about the stock market, all time highs, so it really isn't that hard. A good deal always finds money. Let people know they can use their IRAs for more than stocks bonds and mutual funds. Farm your phone for interested people and explain to them your deal.

Or go online, county recorder, and look for Ira company names holding real estate and/or notes and mortgages and try to poach some already familiar with the benefits of self direction. You may have to pay a little more because the trust isn't built yet. 

All very helpful.  Thank you.

@Spencer Taylor

Plenty of members here on Bigger Pockets have self-directed IRAs. Maybe post something in the market place.

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