Can I leave "The" out of my LLC name on checks?

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I am operating as a sole member LLC in Georgia. Let's say the legal name of my LLC is "The Exploration Group, LLC". Can I simply put "Exploration Group" on checks or a business card, or do I have to list the entire name?

Henry - think your worst case scenario would be to file a form with the Secretary of State for the state in which the LLC is domiciled for "assuming a business name". If someone goes to the SoS website and looks for your business without the "The" then it will link them back to your original business name.

The other issue that it could cause is on legal paperwork and filings. Other parties to the agreement will probably want to use "The Exploration Group, LLC d/b/a Exploration Group" as your party name.

I should probably put a disclaimer that I am not an attorney, just providing some insight from my part experience. 


My understanding is you can leave it off your business cards, logos, others advertising items. But not on checks because they're a legal contract. Any legal document or contract would have to show the full legal name. Even if you established a DBA or fictitious name for the LLC to operate under, on the checks and legal docs/contracts, it would probably have to show "The Exploration Group, LLC DBA Exploration Group"

'Full' and 'same' name used in every record is what I have been advised to do.

Contracts, Trusts, taxes, listings, Birthday cards every thing uses the same name.

DBA is a tool and should not be casualy tossed out there with out thought. Ask your advisor about the strategic uses.