city violations - whos responsible - me or the GC?

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I got 2 violations from the city - debris on a front lawn and work without a permit.

My contract with my GC clearly state that he is in charge of permit pulling. the responsibility for the fines are mine or his?

I really feel like its his, but what the laws says?

the city will fine the property owner . You deal with the contractor 

Property owner.

i know that the city will fine me.

my question is  - if the contract with the GC dictates he takes care of the permits doesnt it imply that if he didnt its hes responsibility? 

if the demolition and hauling is written in his contract doesnt it his responsibility? 

is there a lawyer in the house ?

Have you made the contractor aware of the situation and had him secure permits ?  If the contract states the contractor is responsible then have him get the permits . 

deduct it from his milestone payment...

@Yiftach Ilyov have you spoken to your GC? Seems cut and dry, if your contract says he owns it... he failed to obtain it, or clean it... and the project was cited for it... it would be on him. Is he arguing that it is your responsibility?

@Yiftach Ilyov

City can only fine you. However you can hire an attorney and sue contractor and probably win. Then you have to collect and pay the attorney. 

In reality @Matt K. has the answer -deduct it from the contract price if he doesn't straighten it out and tell him that asap. Hopefully you did not pay him first. 

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