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What is the procedure to incorporate a business? Where do I find a  good real estate attorney ?

Boniface N.

It depends on the state that you want to incorporate in and the type of entity that you want to create. 

Thank you for you quick reply, Bill. 

I want to treat my Real Estate Investing as a business and at the same time protect myself
(my personal assets etc...) by treating this business as a separate entity in case of a lawsuit.
Which one would you recommend between a C Corp, S Corp or LLC? What steps do I need to take
to incorporate it in Utah?



You may have already found an answer to your questions, but in the event this is useful to you or someone in the future, the UT Division of Corporations website (and staff) are super helpful in navigating the process: with the GuidSheets section to see what steps need to be followed. If you are interested in forming a different type of entity, such as an LLC, that can also be found on the divisions website.



Thank so much, Jon. I really appreciate it.

@Boniface Ntawutarama

For legal protection, attorneys (which I'm not) normally recommend an LLC in the state where you operate.

For taxes - nothing is needed until your business becomes profitable and you determine your business focus. And your LLC can be adapted to any tax purposes you would need down the road.

Where to find an attorney? Here on BP. Post a new message "Looking for an attorney to form an LLC in Utah."

Thank you much, Michael. I already have an Attorney and an LLC in the state of Utah.

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