Converting a mobile home to SFH

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Hi. So, I'm looking at buying a manufactured home because there is nothing in my market. I recently toured a home that I had no idea was manufactured. They had completely covered the outside wall with red brick and added a garage. Despite it not looking like a mobile home, the realitor said it was listed as "double wide" So.. It got me thinking, could I convert a mobile home into a SFH? This led me to research. From my understanding it can be... legally anyways... It must have the axles removed, registered with the city, pass an inspection, and have the title deleted. This will allow the home to be financed like a normal SFH. BUUTT.... I cant find out 2 key things: #1 Will it appreciate like a SFH? Or still depreciate like a mobile home? And #2 Would it have to be disclosed that it was once a mobile home to the realitors? (obviously this would be a difficult selling point) I don't see why this would matter since it could finance like a SFH, look like an SFH, built like an SFH, recognized by the city as an SFH, etc. Any help would be appreciated!!! I can't seem to find answers! Thanks :)

Hi @Rodney Swindle ,

To answer your first question, appreciation is based on how people value the property. If the property looks like and is zoned as a SFH, that's how it will appreciate. If it still resembles a mobile home, then you would unlikely get that appreciation from the market.

I am not certain about the disclosure aspect of the property, that probably varies state to state. The last thing you want to do is mislead and agents or buyers about your practices though.

As a side note, you actually need to lay a foundation and attach the mobile home to it to be considered real property. This process can be very costly, requires zoning permission, in addition to all the items you listed. By the time you are done converting a double-wide into a SFH, you have spent as much as you would on the same sized SFH.

Best of luck!

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