Need contact info for Josh Daniels Podcast show #249 emergency!

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I am looking to reach out to Josh Daniels, who was on show #249, I cannot seem to find him in the member search. Below is my situation and I cannot find a way to contact the mortgage note holder. She is receiving my correspondence. 

I am the owner of a condo just now getting renovated from hurricane Matthew blowing the roof off in Daytona. It came out on the channel 9 news all over Orlando and Daytona. The HOA finally has there end almost completed. Now comes the time I have to start organizing my interior repairs with the insurance settlement money. However the executor to the estate of this owner financed purchase is not cooperating with me on signing the insurance check in a mutual account for the repairs to begin.

I've also received 2 check payments that were not cashed or deposited into the account for this mortgage. The original owner/lender passed away and his granddaughter (who happens to be a lawyer is the new executor of the estate)

Is there anyway I can threaten her for non cooperation, to sign this insurance check for repairs? I am still living in a hotel for a year now, FEMA has made it very difficult for me to obtain rental assistance. I've continued to pay mortgage, HOA, and now rent of a hotel room. Can anyone give me a suggestion? Or point me to a reasonable legal counsel?

I'm not sure how Josh is going to help you since he's a youth pastor in Montana, but you can reach him HERE.

Thank you Nathan G, I just need someone that has enough experience to coach me through this issue. I heard Josh on the show he sounded savy and figured I'd give it a shot. Would you have any advice? 

well here I am but....

If I was you I would consult an attorney and get professional help. I have never dealt with insurance claims or HOA's or owner finance for that matter.

I think the best thing for you to do here is calm down a bit and then have good CLEAR communication with everyone involved, listen and make sure you are getting all the info you need to make good decisions. 

I personally do not do owner finance for this very reason. It seems messy. Banks are much cleaner and will never have to deal with some of the issues you are looking at. 

Sorry I cannot be more helpful! 

Thanks Joshua D I will again try to reach out to her, she happens to be a lawyer which kind of worries me more. I haven't the finances to consult a lawyer, heck I'm praying FEMA will help me with my rent so I can continue paying HOA and mortgage, because that didn't stop.

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