Can I write off a golf cart for golf course rental home?

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We are in the process of purchasing a rental home in a golf course community and everyone has a golf cart.  So, can I write off the purchase of a golf cart for golf course rental? Advertising the property to include the golf cart, with added cost to the lease, should be attractive tenants. 

Additional information, we are looking to move into this property in the next 18-24 month and make it a primary residence.  We want to put as much cost as possible into the property now as to write it off as expenses before we move in.  

@Daniel Klucas You might be able to do more than write it off (ask your CPA). See if there are any electric vehicle tax credits available. I was able to get $6000 of electric vehicle tax credits with my golf cart a few years back. Again, ask your CPA what is available now. 

$$$ That's even better!  I'll check into that. 

Thanks for the info.   

Originally posted by @Daniel Klucas :

$$$ That's even better!  I'll check into that. 

Thanks for the info.   

 Unfortunately, there is no credit available for a golf cart.  Qualified vehicles need to be used on the public street. Thus, vehicles manufactured primarily for off-road use—for example, use on a golf course—don't qualify for the Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicles Credit. 

If the golf cart is ordinary and necessary for your rental activity than it can be deducted or capitalized based on how you want to treat it. 

Check into insurance liability for supplying a golf cart and you are not a vehicle rental agency. I like the idea, as I always rent one during our stays in the OBX.

Jack Bobeck, looks like the tax credits isn't available any longer for golf carts. But I'll keep looking, due to the area of the property there may be something. 

Ashish Acharya, the property is in Peachtree City,  GA. As you may know this is a planned community designed with golf cart access everywhere. Carts have to meet code and be registered. Since it will be ordinary and necessary I'll speak with my CPA to discuss 

Robert Soto, I will definitely make sure my liability insurance covers me renting out the golf cart out. 

Sounds like a bigger hassle/liability than it's worth. How much more rent can you really get for offering a golf cart? Who's responsible for the maintenance? The way I look at it, if someone has the money to rent a house on a golf course, they have the money to buy their own damn cart.

Carry on...

Sam, I agree, just hope to be able to write off my golf cart before moving in.

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