Out of country investor looking to open US bank account

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We have an out of country investor (Israel) that has recently brought his properties over for us to manage.  He is looking for help with setting up a US bank account without having to come here.  I don't have anyone to refer this gentleman to.  Can anyone offer up any referrals to help out with this?

Does your investor have an ITIN? Banks need some sort of Tax ID to open a bank account, in addition to other information. If he is trying to open a business bank account, he will need an EIN. I help my clients with this all the time (foreign clients that is). There really isn't a "go to" person who can help with this. It is just a matter of providing accurate advice to your client on how I do this.

@Derek Gendig - US banks are notoriously difficult on this issue due to regulations requiring that you appear in person to open the account. 

It can be done- but there are a few hoops to jump through and costs a bit.

I use a US-Israeli accountant (offices in both countries) who can facilitate this- PM me if relevant and I am happy to give you his contact details.