CPA / Lawyer Recommendation (need to be familiar with UK/US laws)

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Hi all

I am a dual UK / US citizen currently working in the UK. As such, I have to file both UK and US taxes. I own a home in the US (Atlanta) and want to buy a home in the UK soon. I also have c.$500k to invest in US real estate (mainly rental properties, all over the country) over the next 4-5 years. 

I really need a CPA and a lawyer who are familiar with rental property investment strategies/structures AND UK/US taxes (or are willing to learn) to help me navigate this. I also need advice as to how to set up my investing strategy/structure both now and down the line.

For example, I understand I technically may not be able to put my properties in an LLC at the moment without violating the terms of the mortgage. However, when I have a portfolio of 10-20 properties generating income, can I then deed them into an LLC and the income becomes the income of the LLC which I can use to borrow? This is just one of many many questions/considerations I have.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated!


Thanks Steven, although given my needs and desire to set up an investment business in the US I think the best person will probably be US based (albeit with a knowledge of the US system). Don't you think?

Can anyone recommend Clint Coon and Anderson Advisers?

I work with UK/US taxation issues.  I wouldn't say I'm an expert on the UK side, but I do dabble a little bit as I have a few clients that fall in this category.  

I wouldn't be able to actually file your taxes in the UK, but I'd be able to get you set up for that filing with your UK Chartered Accountant and could collaborate with him/her as needed.

Thanks Linda. Are you familiar with all of the various real estate company structures (LLC, land trust, etc) and how to set it all up?

Wondering if you are from Atlanta. We are a national CPA firm headquartered in Atlanta - Frazier & Deeter. We mainly work with high income high net worth investors and syndicators. We also have access to conservation easement investments and can put you in touch with many other folks doing real estate private placements. Email or call anytime - two of the people in our international group have law degrees in Tax as well as CPAs - we aren’t as expensive as big 4 but aren’t as cheap as the small firms.

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