IRA rollover help in Des Moines Iowa

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I have funds in two Roth and a Traditional IRA that I would like to roll over to a self-directed IRA and use in my investing, if that's even possible. Is there someone in the Des Moines area with experience that can help me do this and understand the do's and don'ts?


I would definitely recommend you get with a CPA who can advise you regarding your specific facts. Doesn’t have to be a local CPA. However, if you prefer local presence, then of course you should seek out a local CPA.


you can't combine Roth and Traditional IRA into single self-directed IRA, you will need two separate accounts. Unless you want to convert Traditional into Roth, which would be taxable event. 

@Gary White

You will not likely find someone local with any meaningful expertise on the topic. Self-directed IRA plans are a pretty specialty niche with a handful of providers across the country. Expertise is definitely a higher priority than locality.

A self-directed IRA will not help YOU with YOUR investing in real estate. Such a plan is simply a means to diversify the IRA out of conventional assets and into non-conventional assets such as real estate, private mortgages, etc. You may not benefit in any way directly or indirectly (other than growing your IRA) nor may you co-mingle IRA and personal funds.

There are several providers of such services here on BP.  Do some reading and make some phone calls and you will quickly determine which type of self-directed plan will fit your needs.

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