Filling out a Warranty Deed to Trustee

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I am getting ready to transfer one of my properties into a trust . My wife and I are both on the deed on this particular property.  

The Warranty Deed to Trustee says:

   The Grantors(s)_____________of the County of ____________and the state of Texas for and in consideration of Ten Dollars and ...........

   Unto _______________as trustee and not personally.........

My wife is going to be the Beneficiary and I'm going to be the Trustee (I'm also having her sign an assignment of Beneficial interest to me).  So since my wife and I are on the deed do both my wife and I put our names in the Grantor blank even though I'm going to be putting my name in the Trustee blank?

It seems a little strange that I am granting it to myself as the Trustee? I just want to make sure before I fill this out and record it. I've bought many properties in trusts before at the closing table so this issue never came up. But since I'm TRANSFERRING this one into a trust AND I'm going to be the Grantor AND  the Trustee, this issue caught my attention.

So what do you guys think?