New wholesalers - contracts and licensing

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Hello Bigger Pockets community, My name is Josh Harris. My wife Char and I are from Dallas, Texas and we recently decided that we want to become real estate investors. Neither one of us has any real experience in RE, but we are fast learners. Already, we had gotten out and looked at a few houses to wholesale only to find that the main problem we have is the legal aspect of the process (contracts, licensing, etc). We decided to slow down and try to get more education before we attempt again. We would appreciate any insight into the legal side of wholesaling. Feel free to PM us and we look forward to getting to know everyone. Josh and Char Harris

talk to your real estate licensing agency in your state describe what you want to do and see if it requires licencing.. Texas is pretty wild west when it comes to this stuff..   right now in Dallas from what I hear its uber competitive

Then why not take the time and become licensed real estate agents 

Welcome Joshua!  Depending on what part of Dallas you are in, there are several groups to check out.  Much of the direction you take begins with your investment goals.  Read the Ultimate Guide's section on this.  I too am in Dallas and it's an exciting time to get involved! Feel free to contact me anytime. 

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