Update to Tax Strategies for the Savvy RE Investor

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Good Day BP,

In reference to the new tax bill, will there be an update to the book "Tax Strategies for the Savvy RE Investor"?

I hope there will be an update but it is probably too soon for it.

The new tax bill is pretty heavy so it will take some time to the authors to digest the bill and update the book.
Let's be patient

Thanks for the response Patrice. I wanted to ask this question to gage if the information in the book was heavily effected by the new tax bill w/o making assumptions. If not, I would order the book now, if so I would hold off until the updated version comes out.

I am not accountant but I have that book and I feel it is very relevant to the reality of that Real Estate investing post the latest tax bill.
If you don't want to wait, you could get the ebook version and maybe, maybe when there is a slight chance that once the update comes out, you get it automatically. But I would bet on that.

@Khalid Nathan Aleem

The book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy RE Investor is a very good book.
I would argue to give the book a read even with the new tax law changes.

The book opens your eyes to deductions that you may be entitled to that your current accountant may not bring to your attention.

I am also not sure if the authors will provide an update anytime soon. The law just passed and the treasury has not given its interpretation of the law yet. With that said - they might not update it for a year(even if they do decide to).

The great thing about Amanda's book is that it is written in layman's terms. No hardcore accounting jargon. Definitely a recommended read for investors. I trust she will provide an update once the dust settles from the tax reform.

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