Interest tracing rules???

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Can someone help me out with interest tracing rules in my situation.....I've read a few things and Im just confused.  

Here is an example.  Lets say I have 200,000 in my personal bank.  This money I specifically allocate to different personal funds....emergency fund, Pool fund, Porsche fund, vacation fund, ect...

I then buy a rental property for 100,000.  I have access to a personal line of credit for 100,000 but instead of using that and paying interest, I decide to borrow 100,000 from myself.  Then 6 months later I decide to build a pool and want 60,000 back that I lent myself to buy the rental house.  That original 60,000 was for the pool I just lent it to myself to avoid paying interest for 6 months.  Is the interest I now pay on my line of credit tax deductible towards the rental property expenses?

What if instead refinanced out all 100,000 and put it in my bank or built a pool or car or something?

Am I better to just start with LOC debt to avoid any questions or complications. Am I over complicating this? From some things I've read I've seamed to confuse myself.

PS I used to be an avid Dave Ramsey fan and one of the best things was paying yourself first.  To this day we truly track contributions to all "funds" on an excel spreadsheet monthly:  car funds, personal money funds, vacation funds, we even have a Christmas fund and kids personal money funds.  Could a detailed excel spreadsheet be useful in providing the irs proof of where the money belongs in the first place?  

I was unable to find a Tax Court case pertaining to your situation. However, I think claiming the money was borrowed for the rental property 6 months after you closed on the rental property, but shortly before building a pool at your residence is more than I would try to convince the IRS. I'm gonna follow this thread, though, as I am interested in other opinions on the matter.

Best of Luck with Your Real Estate Investing!

Thanks Paul. Curious what others think. 

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