Problem from tax deed purchase

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I purchased a DEED at a tax sale. The lot description and GPS coordinates were wrong. Unfortunately, the lot I bought has someone else's house on 1/3 of my property. My question is what are my legal rights with the property? Can I make the owners of the house trailer move their house? Can I charge them lot rent for the months they have dodged my phone calls, previously and going forward? Who technically owns the land under the house, them or me? How do I profit from this headache? the address is located in Michigan

Look at the lot and subdivision   As far as I know,  they don't use GPS to designate real property

I had a similar situation.. I hope you didn't pay a lot for your parcel.  In my case the lot was a strip adjoining my land that had been dedicated 70 years ago for a private drive to access several lots behind mine built on 65 years ago.The county would routinely sell this strip for back taxes (its not even on my tax bill) and unsuspecting buyers would find out;

1 The parcel isn't big enough to develop

2 The parcel was dedicated as a drive (can't be changed)

       As for your parcel under a structure I would think a survey would be required and then see the rules on adverse possession in your locale, because that is what someone might claim against your potential claim.   I would be interested in hearing how this one turns out, if its a mobile park and they haven't been there 7 years it might be worth looking into. 

Make sure next time you know what you are buying. The profit you are looking for may be a lesson for you and other BIGGER POCKET users.

Good Luck

Sorry I wasn't clear. The lot number and subdivision have been verified. 1/3 of someone else's house sits on my property. The survey says it's 18 feet over the line. GPS coordinates were used prior to the tax sale so potential buyers could find the properties. Less than $1000.00 is invested. We we're bottom feeding at the end of an auction so due diligence wasn't high on the priority list. Lots go for $20,000.00 in the area so the potential is pretty large.
The house was bought in foreclosure in 2016. The lot is 60x120 so plenty or room to build. Pole barns with living quarters on the same road go for 180k and up which is why we bought it in the first place.

I would deal with this right away. There is something called "adverse possession" basically it means if someone takes possession of property, after a period of time they can claim ownership of the property.  This takes 20 years in MD but many states have a shorter time frame. 

I would talk to an attorney to see what my rights were and how to proceed.