St. Paul, MN CPA recommendation

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Hello BP! I have my first duplex under contract in St. Paul, Minnesota and am anticipating owner-occupying for a while. Can you please recommend a good local CPA that you use for tax planning? I want to have my all my ducks in a row at closing. I’d prefer someone who is also a landlord themselves. Thanks!

I use Joe Rapacki- great to work with!

@John Woodward is a rock star.  Not only is he a great CPA he's also an investor. You can search for his work on BP it speaks for itself.

I use @John Woodrich for my rental properties.  He is an investor, is a CPA, has a masters of business tax and is a manager at a local CPA firm in the twin cities.  

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Thank you all for the recommendations! I reached out to @John Woodrich  and he was a very knowledgeable and friendly CPA.

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