Should I get a business license ?

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I am debating the pros and cons of getting a business license.  I have heard several options going each way.  Here are the basics of my situation:

I am the trustee of a trust that owns an out of state rental turnkey property in Alabama.  It is fully managed by a local property management company.  Would i need to get a business license in Alabama for this property?  How would I register this if owned by a trust?

I have heard that because I am not doing any business operations in the state then I don't need to register with the state.  

Does anybody have any insights or suggestions for my situation.

I can offer more details if this does not make sense.

I get business licenses for all of my rental properties (where the city will cooperate - I have one city who did not respond to multiple queries about whether they required a license in my situation).  My position is that you should do your due diligence to comply with appropriate laws and pay the required fees.

I cannot answer for your Alabama, you might try contacting the city where your property is.

My brother in Alabama says that in his county you are supposed to have a business license for a rental, but "smaller unsophisticated areas don't".

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