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I am looking for someone in the Tulsa area to help me to setup quickbooks online and show me how to use it. I will pay for your time. I am currently using spreadsheets to track expenses and income but would like something more automated that also helps me asses each property’s performance each year; automatically integrate CC statements, bank statements etc. I have utilized a HELOC and personal funds to fund my deals and operating expenses and pay it back on monthly basis. I currently have 2 Properties; one which is currently rented and the other is still undergoing renovations so I need the ability to track renovation expenses too. Does anyone in the Tulsa area know anyone that can help me? Thanks in advance!

Since you want to keep track of each property, choose the Plus version to activate the "class tracking" feature. Also, since you are using the online version, you can reach out to any CPA/accountant (search the keyword) here in BP and certainly, they can guide you thru the process and access your QBO account, if necessary. 

Hope you'll find the right professional for your needs. :)

@Dan V. Thank you for the insight! I was hoping for a little more one on one time to ask questions but I may have to go that way.

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