1120 C-Corp or 1120s S-Corp- Which to choose

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I am going to be flipping about 3-4 houses annually and looking to acquire 1 rental property annually as well. I am trying to determine if forming an 1120 C-Corp or 1120s S-Corp will provide the best benefits? I am also looking to obtain bank financing on the rental properties which will be held under the business name and not under my name personally if that influences any opinions.

Thanks for the help!

@Daniel Scullen

The C-Corp generally makes sense if other investors (shareholders) will also invest in the C-corp because it will afford them limited liability. 

Also, with a C-corp you have the ability to raise capital more easily through sale of stock to shareholders (including public).

Entity formation is soooo much more than just what you're doing in the business.  Things that a professional will need to consider before offering advice:

Your other sources of income (personally and within your family/tax entity structure)

Your tax goals

Your asset liability goals

Your retirement savings goals

Your tolerance/ability for recordkeeping and rules following

Who you're doing business with, how they are structured and what type of business you are doing with others (Partners?  Investors?  Lenders?)

Once a professional is aware of all of these issues, they can then outline an entity structure and overall strategy for you.

Taxes, asset protection and business management are not cookie cutter, one size fits all prospects.

There are a lot of in answered questions and a lot of advice already given.  I agree with what the others say but I would also like to tell you to form 2 entities. One for passive income and one for the active side of things.  You could also form a 3rd for the management side of things.  Biggest thing to decide is how you will be paid and what tax goals or outlets you are looking for.  

@Daniel Scullen

Linda provided some great advice - We would have a better sense on how to advise you if her questions were answered.

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