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Hey guys this will be the first year we file our REI taxes and I am just looking for someone to help guide me on the Process.’I have thought myself quickbooks but am s little overwhelmed with the tax mapping portion of the chart of accounts. Any help would be appreciated!! Nate Yarbor

@Nathan Yarbor

Congrats on acquiring a RE property and adding complexity to your tax return!

You did a majority of the battle if you have your expenses properly categorized in Quickbooks.

However, doing your own tax return when it includes rental income can be difficult - especially the first year when you have to calculate the depreciable basis for the property.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

We are still “pre revenue” but have two single family homes and one 8-plex currently in the renovation process. I just don’t know how to catagorize/map the expenses we have had thus far. Once I am able to accurately map them through quickbooks I feel like it will be easier, but the last thing I want to do is to do it incorrectly and then get hammered by the IRS...

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