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Hey everybody, 

I just bought my first duplex and I am looking for a CPA in Vermont that is knowledgable in real estate investments for tax purposes. A CPA that has real estate investments themselves would be a plus! Any referrals would be great. 

Hey Eva. Congrats!! I don't know him myself, but Matthew F. Johnson is someone who has done some presentations at our KW market center, so my assumption is that means he is knowledgeable about real estate! Felt worth mentioning.


I know a very good tax advisor who is an investor and knowledgeable about real estate investments, however he does not file taxes. He has reasonable rates and has given me great advice without trying to sell me products.

Try Quantum Leap Capital; Brendan is a certified financial advisor.

Consultation is free. They are in Burlington.

Best of luck,


Congratulations on the start of your real estate investing career, you are headed towards financial freedom!

If I were you instead of focusing on the physical location of the CPA I would focus on his skills, expertise, service. Those qualities are far more important than location. There are several great professionals here on BP and many of them will work with investors remotely. Try contacting one of these experts: 

@Linda Weygant , @Michael Plaks , @Nicholas Aiola

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