Looking for an attorney to look over lease & PM agreement

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Hi BP community!

Do you have any recommendations of attorney's within the Los Angeles area that can look at some lease and property management agreements?  I plan on purchasing a property in Alabama and received copies of the lease and PM agreement from the turnkey provider I'll be working with.  

Also, should most investors seek an attorney to look over the agreements or is that not really needed?



It can never hurt to have a legal document related to real estate reviewed by an attorney. I wonder if a California attorney will want to review an Alabama contract. You may have to find a local real estate attorney in Alabama to review.

Thanks Fred for the advice, it's probably better to seek out a real estate attorney in Alabama.

I can recommend some attorneys, depending on where the property is located.  You want a relationship with an attorney that can also help you if you must do an eviction or other local work.  Better if it is the same one who reviewed your lease.

@Johnson Lo always best to use a local attorney familiar with that particular state and ever better county / city, when it comes to rental issues. Many states, sometimes counties and cities/municipalities/towns have particularities when it comes to property law. Things like home owner associations, rent laws, zoning, local safety, evictions,  can be very different. 

Good luck!!! 

Thank you @Denise Evans and @Henri Meli for your input!  My property is in Bessemer, Alabama.  If you have any recommended attorneys in that area that would be greatly appreciated!

I recommend Vincent Brown.  I don't think BP likes us giving out contact information, but you can find him on the Internet. His offices are in Bessemer.  Bessemer is in Jefferson County, but that area of the county was sort of "peeled off" in the early 20th century, into an area known as the Bessemer Cutoff or sometimes just the Cutoff. It acts like another county, with its own courthouse, judges, Sheriff, etc. even though it is officially part of Jefferson County. 

It's kind of a different world over there in the Cutoff.. You are usually better off with a local Bessemer attorney rather than someone from Birmingham, which is the county city of Jefferson County and the largest city in the state.  The whole gestalt is different between Birmingham/Jefferson County and The Bessemer Cutoff.

I have used Vincent Brown before with property in Bessemer. His office is about 3 blocks from courthouse. I recommended him yesterday to someone. Good luck. JP

@Johnson Lo , if you have a good experience with the Turn Key you are using, please let me know.  I have interest in owning something in that area but I am basically restricted to turn key for reasons that aren't really worth delving into here.  Would love to hear how it goes for you and I wish you huge success.

@James Martin sure thing.  I would be happy to share my experience with you.  I'm currently waiting for the rehab work to be done so it will be radio silence for a few months.

@ james Martin I could offer suggestions for turnkey as well

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