Forming LLC using Legal Zoom

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Hi all,

I'm a landlord and i want to form LLC using legal zoom. I found the standard package with the

Legal Protect more suitable for my needs.

I wonder if someone can share any experience with legal zoom and/or any experience with their legal protect plan.

Thanks in advanced,

Kind reminder if anyone can weigh in

Thank you

Personally, I just go on my states’s website and make one myself. Takes ten minutes and costs $125. I’ve heard horror stories of people who use legal zoom... costs them $400+ to make a simple LLC and ends up being harder than if they had done it themselves. Granted, that may not be the norm, but it’s what I’ve heard - if I were you I would just do it myself.

@Yigal Dekalo , forming an LLC is ridiculously easy. Ensuring that it will actually accomplish what you want it to accomplish is ridiculously hard. I would not trust most lawyers to properly draft an operating agreement with the language in it to properly protect you, let alone Legal Zoom. If you are going to do it I would encourage you to find an attorney well versed in real estate, business entities, and asset protection and do it right. Otherwise, understand that you may have some significant holes in your asset protection plan if it is ever challenged. Just having an LLC will discourage a lot of would be litigants, but if they see that you have a boiler plate operating agreement from Legal Zoom, they may be more likely to take on the challenge, if they don't already specialize in dismantling those.

Thank you all. Actually it was my CPA that used Legal Zoom him and he states that he works with them for a decade or more.

So say they are not able to provide me what I want and given that no referrals allowed here, how can i find a shark RE attorney and check review about him/here?

@Yigal Dekalo , yeah, I would not take legal advice from a CPA any more than I would take tax advice from an asset protection attorney. Finding a good lawyer is not different than finding a good doctor, car mechanic, etc. Shop around, ask for referrals, and vet them yourself. What works well for one person might not be a good fit for you.

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