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Hello everyone! New to BiggerPockets, and a "new" investor. I live in Washington State, and have a couple of single family homes out of state. And now I'm branching out into multi-family (out of state as well). Looking for recommendations on how to set up a trusted CPA. I curently just do my taxes on HR Block, but now with the multi-family investment, opening an LLC, etc. things will become more complex and I need advice. Can you point me in the right direction? In state? Out of state? Online? Thanks!

@Santiago Lozano

HR Block tax software is great if your tax profile is simple(W-2 and maybe some interest/dividends). Once your tax profile gets more complicated - you may benefit from reaching out to an accountant.

The great thing about Washington is that they do not have a state income tax(only a B&O Tax). However, you will be required to file a non-resident state tax return in the states that you own the properties.

Proximity of your accountant isin't as important as getting the right accountant who understands real estate taxation.

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