Property Tax Assessment Made after Appeal Period Expired

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Does anyone know how property tax assessments and appeals work in Pittsburgh?

I purchased a SFR in Pittsburgh last summer and received a tax bill a couple months ago. I paid the tax bill.

On April 9, 2018, The County of Allegheny mailed a second Real Estate Tax Statement which reads "Tax Year 2018", "Taxable Assessment Increased" and nearly doubled the county property tax.

The time to file a tax period expired April 2, 2018.

However, since I was not notified of any tax assessment increase before the appeal expired, aren't my due process rights being violated?  What can I do to fight the increased assessment?

Craig Lessler, Broker

@Craig Lessler there is not a very good chance you can do anything about it right now but if you get a good tax appeal professional they may be able to go back more than a year but I cant be sure. Our tax appeal specialist does probably 100 appeals for me, my clients and a lot of other investors I know and her win rate is exceptional.

Ian Hoover, Real Estate Agent in PA (#RM423721)

Ian, please message me with the contact information for your property tax appeal specialist.

I was told by Scott Phillips at Allegheny County that the increased assessment is due to permits being taken out to do a major rehab on the house by the former owner.

However, as an attorney, I know that the county cannot simply send out an increased tax bill without first sending out a notice of an increase of assessment like it did because that violates due process.


Craig Lessler, Broker

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