SDIRA Guidance Needed

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BP Experts - 

I have a friend who has recently told me he has an IRA that is not invested well and would prefer to invest it with me. We have discussed him loaning me the capital to purchase properties through the SDIRA. He would essentially earn interest on his investment. He would not own the properties or be a partner. I would be using the cash to BRRRR.

What is the best mechanism for my friend to be able to invest with me given he would only be writing a check or two a year to me and then receiving interest checks?  A basic SDIRA?  Or would another option serve the purpose better? 



Based on what you describe self-directed IRA with custodian allowing alternative investments should work just fine. The custodian (not your friend) would be writing the check on behalf of his IRA.

If he wants to be able to write the checks himself then he would need Checkbook IRA.

And finally, if he is self-employed or owns a small business then truly self-directed Solo 401k would be the best choice.