Is it illegal to text skip traced numbers?

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I am trying to reach motivated sellers, cold calling takes a long time. Is it illegal to text the numbers? What I would be texting would be this: "Hi, my name is Victor. I'm a real estate investor in the area, and saw that a home you owned was in pre foreclosure. I am interested in buying the property and would love to speak to you about what I have to offer. Please contact me at your earliest convenience." . If I can do this it would definitely help me out, but obviously I would not want to get into any legal trouble. Thank you!

No I don't think it's illegal. I feel it's no different than looking up the property on the property appraiser, finding out who the owner is, finding their Facebook page and sending them a message that way right? So I say text away!! You just might get a couple mean responses lashing back at you but so what!!! That's part of the game!

Now I do know there is a "Do Not Call" list that if the number you contact is on that list, you could potentially be fined. But other than that I'm not sure if any other legal action could be taken. Unless you're harassing them. The website for the list is

I hope my opinion helps! Good luck!