Real estate attorney on Honolulu Hawaii

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Aloha Daytyn,

I see your in Waialua, give John Hyatt a call just google EandHLegal  he works from home out in the three tables area.   He his very easy to communicate with and hard working!

@Daytyn Ragragola I don't have any referrals in the space you're looking for but you can just punch in "YOUR CITY or AREA" plus "ATTORNEY" into the search window above and check out a few people's past endorsements to zero in on someone that fits your ticket. 

The BP Plus or Pro level will give you way more general advertising, networking and search options to zero in on a micro level.

You might also give @Lane Kawaoka a nudge since he's the podcast king on your island ;-) I'm sure he can point you in the right direction.