Self Directed Roth IRA/401k Providers?

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Does anyone know a good self directed ira and 401k provider that also allows stock/bond/good investments that has Roth options and may even allow loans to be taken against it? I use quest ira and they don’t allow stock or bond or gold investing.

What self directed providers do you guys use?

@George Leeman

A plan offering checkbook control such as the IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) (assuming you qualify as self-employed with no full time employees) would provide the maximum level of flexibility. With such plans, you are not dependent on what the custodian or 3rd party administrator (i.e. Quest) can process, and are allowed to invest in anything the IRS rules allow.

Such plans are typically offered by specialty advisory firms, not custodians.  The services are typically legal in nature, not administrative processing.  Several providers are active here on BP.

@George Leeman

What types of stocks and bonds are you interested in? Many self-directed custodians are not brokerage houses meaning they do not invest in publicly traded stocks. However private stock is something most SDIRA custodians allow. 

I do agree with @Brian Eastman the checkbook IRA/LLC does offer the most flexibility for investment options within an IRA, however this is slightly more risky being that the LLC must not make any prohibited transactions. You would want to work with an attorney and/or an accountant in the set up of the LLC and managing the transactions to avoid doing anything prohibited.

The solo 401(k) is truly a great plan, If you qualify  for this plan, it is more flexible to meet your goals. You can set it up to have a Roth component so that you can invest tax-free. With this account you are able to take a loan against a 401(k). 

I am interested in a basic diversified stock/bond portfolio, basic asset diversification following some guidelines I read about that help mitigate market risk. I want to purchase a rental property inside of my retirement account and use it to feed into stocks/bonds/gold. 

Basically whats recommended is I learn how to manage my own retirement account that has the check book option? does anyone have any recommended reading on this?