Good recommendations for Local C. Springs Real Estate CPA?

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Looking to see if there are any great local Colorado Springs Tax professionals that specialize in real estate investing that someone has had experience with? I have a good accountant but looking to expand and see if there are ways to improve my situation.

Stay away from phases! They charge per form I was astounded how expensive they were and I did most of the accounting for them. Won’t be using them again.

Hello Tara, there are many good CPAs but few who specifically specialize working with real estate investors. You may not find someone who is local to you, but you don't necessarily need to have someone local, you need someone who is an expert. With the help of technology nowadays it is better to work with an expert remotely than with the local non-expert. Here are couple fellow BP members who might be of help to you: @Michael Plaks and @Nicholas Aiola

Appreciate the recommendations. I agree that I don't have to stick with locals but it is nice having an in person conversation. I will reach out and see if I need to make changes to my current team.