Land Trust Applications (How to)

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Hello BP Members,

For tax deferral purposes, can anyone tell me the benefits of using a land trust during real estate investment strategies?

How does using a land trust compare to the use of a 1031 exchange?

Can you explain the proper ways to apply a land trust within individual transactions?

It seems this is not the expertise of a CPA, but more of an attorney who knows the ins and outs of a land trust and its applications within real estate investment strategies. Wholesaling, flipping and long term investment strategies should all be considered for the questions above.


@Guac F.

Land trusts and 1031 are not the same.  Land trusts are use for anonymity, 1031s are used for difference of tax. 

 To discuss land trust in this forum you need a podcast -it’s not gonna be something that’s done in five minutes. 

Thanks Mike! I hope these aren't ones I've watched already but I'll check them out. The delima is that CPAs don't know the intricacies of the trust and it becomes solely down to the adequacy of the attorney to do these correctly for the investor/me. Pretty much the attorney informs the CPA. I need an attorney of this expertise. I presume the videos won't get me much more informed than I am now, but I will check. I truly need an attorney to speak through my scenario with.