Pull properties into LLC

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I'd love to learn what everyone's strategy (or detailed steps) to pull a property under your personal name into an LLC. What do you do if the property has a mortgage with "due on sale" clause? What about the property you are going to buy? What type of mortgage do you choose? How do you choose lenders?

Thanks a lot.

@Michael Plaks

Thanks for your reply. I'm pretty new to BiggerPocket. Not sure if there is a way to disclose my state in the settings, but I'm in WA.

Would appreciate it if you know how to exactly do it in WA. At least, it's very interesting to know the story in TX - I will read the article. Thanks

@Wei Wang

No, I do not know WA specifics, and I'm not an attorney. To indicate your city / state, as well as basically introduce yourself - just edit your profile. See here.