How to Locate owner of a abandoned property? *Possibly in Probate

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Looking for some help locating an owner of an abandon property.  What I gathered from the neighbors the previous owner passed away and the house has been boarded up every since.

The area is really good, but this property is next to my rental is an  BIG eye sore. I want to possibly buy the abandon property but I have no idea where to start. The tax records are in the previous owner name and every year the unpaid taxes are removed/not sold at the annual delinquent tax sale. Anyone know a probate specialist in Chicago area?

Any help or advice appreciated!

Originally posted by @Ibn Abney :

@Brie Schmidt The tax bill is still in the previous owner name, who has since passed away.

 Request a the death certificate. Whomever filled it out will be your first point of contact. And if there is a death certificate check to see if probate has been filed..