Real Estate Lawyer for 3 Person Partnership

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I am forming a 3 person partnership to purchase an investment property. We will be living in the property for the first year and then holding it as a rental afterward.

We are looking for suggestions on the best way to get our partnership off the ground. Should we hire a specific type of lawyer or just a real estate lawyer? Are there any specific agreements that you would recommend? Would you structure the partnership in a LLC, LLP, S-Corp, etc?

Looking for any help from members with experience in a situation such as this.

All help is appreciated!

@Tyler Thomas - I suggest you read this thread first taking-on-partner-s-and-limiting-our-liabilites. Get clear with your partners on the questions I posted there and then look for specialized advice - talk with @Scott Smith

I'm pretty sure you don't want to own real estate in S-corp (Owning Rentals in an S Corporation Might Be a Costly Mistake).