I need a Memphis CPA

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My husband and I have searched, called, interviewed... and still can’t find a CPA that meets our needs. We are a military family with three investment properties and hopes of flipping soon. The CPA we finally found last year charged us $1,200 to do our taxes and my husband had to re-do them because she missed things. Help! Who do you trust?

I use a cpa out of Houston. He chArged me about half that. I’ve got investments in Memphis, and will have many more. The laws don’t change that much from state to state

@Anna Smith

This board features over a dozen of tax accountants who specialize in real estate. Most if not all of us work with clients remotely, nationwide. There's not much benefit with having a local CPA these days of technology.

So you can browse this forum, find who you like and contact privately.

We have used Jimmy Luke for the past 10 years and he I would highly recommend him.  He is very sharp and has a wealth of experience as an investor himself.  He is who we recommend to our clients regardless of where they live or invest.