Texas First year property taxes are on land or improvement value

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I recently booked a single family home from a reputed builder in Frisco, Texas. Every year, property assessment happens in Jan/Feb months to get the new value. One of my friend told me that if the closing date is like in March or after, I need to pay the property taxes on Land ONLY for that first year as the builder did not finish the construction and valuation is done only for land at the beginning of the year. Next year, in Jan/Feb, the new value which is actual value seen during valuation and thereafter I have to pay taxes on full value of home.

Is this totally true? My closing is estimated in Feb next year and if that is true, I am planning to request the builder to move closing date to March. Some say that I have to pay taxes on full appraised value right after closing date. Dont know which case is true. 

Technically property is appraised as of January 1st...by law. If it is a slab on the 1st 20k, if framed 45k, etc. Call your county tax appraisal district and ask how they do it. I imagine they have drive by or drone pictures. You could take a dated picture of your future property on the first and use it to protest in May. I dont know how you could orove it is your particular house and not another except that lots of people photograph their new house as it is put together.