Good Real Estate CPA in Twin Cities Minnesota

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Hello BP.

I am in need a Good Real Estate CPA in Twin Cites of Minnesota to help me prepare up coming tax return and develop a real estate game plan for future buy and hold rental. I want to get all the benefits of the tax and still do everything right.

Thanks all

@Brian Eastman and @Brian M Sweeney thank you both for the quick reply. Brian Eastman I was listening to Brandon Hall podcast and I know that he is excellent. I plan on reaching out to his company. @Brian Sweeney  if you could provide me your contact information maybe we can set up a phone interview. I would love to discuss opportunities. 

Thanks for the recommendations.  @Corey Jacques I plan to respond to your email today.  Most of the questions you asked are more easily addressed over the phone, takes longer to type than talk.  Have been away from my "CPA" desk working on my RE hussle the last couple days.