Tree branches extending into nieghbors property

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My tenants mentioned to me that the neighbor behind my rental property has been complaining about the branches from a very large tree on my property extending over into their yard blocking the sunlight to their garden.  They are asking that I hire a company to trim the branches back to the property line.  If the branches are not causing any damage or potential damage to my neighbors property, is that my responsibility/cost to remedy? 


@Scott Rohweder It's been my experience that a tree (or branch) that is in your air space is your responsibility. I've had similar issues with trees and neighbors and I've dealt with it a couple of different ways.

1) If the tree looks like it could be a liability issue down the road then I will go ahead and trim it and/or have it cut down.

2) If the what the neighbor is asking is totally ridiculous then I will offer to split the cost with them. Their skin in the game tells me how bad they really want it done. If they agree to do that, then I'll go ahead and do that as well. And if they don't, then I think I have a reasonable defense if/when something were to happen.

@Scott Rohweder

Great answers from @Will Gaston because I try to keep neighbors happy. Use the opportunity to Give them your contact info/phone number that way they can call you directly if something happens at the house or tenants are acting inappropriately. I’ve found it is an asset to have friendly neighbors next to my properties