Looking for Excellent Tax Accountabt in ATL

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@Lisa Parker ,

Since you are asking this question on real estate forum I'm assuming that you are looking for tax expert specializing in working with real estate investors? If so then the knowledge, service and expertise of a professional you are working with would be more important than location. There are several folks who are very active here on the forum with wealth of knowledge, talk to @Michael Plaks , @Brandon Hall

Thanks for the mention, @Dmitriy Fomichenko .

@Lisa Parker - as was said here, the tax accountants on this forum are specializing in real estate - which is critically important. Most of us work with clients remotely and nationwide.

Good luck, and feel free to post your questions here.

@Lisa Parker, 

AMERITAX Refund Center specializes in assisting Real Estate Investors with all their Income Tax Needs......they have offices and representatives in Atlanta, call them with any questions you may have or email them I'll message you the contact info cause im unable to include it in this post.

I use them exclusively and have been for many years..