Phoenix Area Real Estate Attorney

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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have any good recommendations for an attorney in the Phoenix area who primarily works with real estate?  I am looking for an individual or small firm who is reasonably priced as the deals will not be complex in nature.  Thanks in advance for the help!


Hey @Matthew Spencer I just stumbled over your ad here and posted a similar ad a while back. There seems to be a shortage of attorneys on this forum. No responses of yet. Has anyone reached out to you? If so, please do share ;-)

While we're at it, have you found a real estate investor savvy CPA in Phoenix (Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa)?

@Matthew Spencer real estate is done through real estate Brokers in AZ, not attorneys unless you are having a specific serious issue. This is why there is a low amount of attorneys. Feel free to contact me. I'm a Broker of 20 years and Director COMMERCIAL Division of Tru COMMERCIAL.