travel nurse leases and insight

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Hello BP community! I have decided to do short term rentals of my home in baltimore to travel nurses and other traveling professionals. Does anyone have experience with this? Adjustments to leases, amenities provided, payment structure?

Positive and negative insight welcome and any feedback greatly appreciated.

I have been doing it for 4 years now, it is not a great source of income, more work, some of them are demanding, but better than having a vacancy.

If you are not responsive, you might have vacancy.

I basically charge little higher and make them pay one rent everything included.

Provide everything except cable. They usually have roku, netflix etc..

If something missing in the house, you will hear about it.

@Ozzy Sirimsi thank you for your response. Do you set up short term leases and have a walk through or assessment? For example I provide two towels to each traveler and at the end I tally what I provide and if things are ruined or take. Can I hold them accountable? What are some of the major requests you’ve heard both reasonable or not?
@Ian Kee so far I have not. My full time job is being an RN but like most of us here all I talk about is real estate so others know I have properties and I’ve had travel nurses request a place to stay however this is the first Home I’m testing this out in and opening to short term lease.

As Ozzy says it can be challenging, but to say it's not a good source of income I think is too pessimistic. I have plenty of friends who make a lot of money off of short term rentals and with the right system it's no more of a pain than long term. Either way, good luck to you!

May I suggest that you reach out to various locums companies around the country and present your property to them.  I have a friend who does locums work and the placement company is frequently responsible for providing housing.  While the drs or nurses have final approval, the locums company does the leg work and searching.  If you can present your property to them as an attractive package, to lessen the headaches and stress on the medical professional, you might have a niche.

@Sean Monahan I’ve rented short term to travel nurses and it’s worked out well. Thry normally make omenty of money to cover rent. They usually communicate via Facebook groups but my local hospital was also outsourcing to an temp hoIsIng agency that was overcharging them for dumps. So if you can intercept hospital housing staff actIvIty that may be helpful