CPA Recommendation, Central Florida

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Looking to get established with a CPA in central Florida that specializes in real estate investment clients. I'm also in need of tax advisory regarding 1031 exchanges or similar.

Can anyone share recommendations and why you suggest the firm?

Many thanks,


@Jeremy Smith If you're looking for a rockstar QI, @Dave Foster is over in St. Petersburg. Search for Dave on these forums and you'll see exactly why he has my recommendation!

In terms of a real-estate-savvy CPA, there are a few of us here on BP if you're open to working remotely. Search around the forums a bit and reach out to a few to see if there's a good fit for you.

Good luck!

I have a few colleagues in central Florida. What city/specific area are you looking in? I have colleagues I can recommend in Spring Hill all the way to Orlando and as far south as The Key'sand north through Jacksonville. 

@Jeremy Smith ,  Because the great state of FL doesn't have a state income tax.  And because 1031 is a federal statute you're really not limited by geography in your selections.  I think you're spot on to make your search focus on sector specific experience (a cpa who specializes in real estate investors).  That will serve you well.