Meeting with Lawyer

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@William Musto I tend to be the one asking a lot of questions at initial meetings. Tell him or her what you are trying to do and they should start asking questions to fill in the blanks. If they are just nodding their head and agreeing they may not know real estate well.

Originally posted by @William Musto :
Meeting with a lawyer for first time as a new investor. I feel like it’s more of a get to know them meeting, but what questions should I ask in our first meeting?

 I'm assuming he's a real estate attorney. You want to know if he does Purchase & Sale Agreements, closings, title and escrow. How much are his fees for those? You want to know if he practices before the court. (Does lawsuits.) Does he invest in real estate. How much does he charge an hour and is it billable by the quarter hour or 1/2 quarter hour. Are phone calls and emails billable? How much? Does he handle asset protection?